Posted by on 26 November 2018

Recent reports from the Glen Inquiry and the Family Violence Death Review Committee (FVDRC) has highlighted how serious family violence is in our community. 


The People’s Report

Family Violence Death Review Committee Report


Both of these reports have highlighted major problems with our court and justice system and call for a radical change in the way New Zealand responds to family violence.

 However, we all have a responsibility to ending family violence.  Family violence exists because we let it exist, and will continue to exist until our community decides to act.

 The stories in the recent People’s report highlight that people can, and do make changes, and they need support and help to do so.  There are some great services and programmes in Dunedin to help victims and offenders.

 The Dunedin Collaboration Against Family Violence (DCAFV) is active in our community to raise awareness of family violence, and can provide training to groups about family violence and how to respond.